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Buying a World Cup business: Group G


The 2014 World Cup is well under way.

To celebrate everyone's third favourite international sporting event (after The Olympics and Wrestlemania), we're taking a closer look at the types of businesses that would be most likely to succeed in each of the competing nations.

Here we take a look at Group G. The powerhouse group, containing the first and fourth largest economies in the world (in the USA and Germany), a growing second-tier European economy (Portugal) and an exciting, emerging African economy (Ghana)!


Germany has seen unprecedented growth and expansion since reunification, and has arguably benefited the most from the single currency of all the Eurozone nations. Whilst many commentators report a dissatisfaction amongst Germans concerning support for less productive economies, the truth is that Europe's poorer nations act as ballast for the shared currency.

This in turn allows Germany to operate a world-leading exports market in engineering and components; remaining competitive whilst retaining its advanced economy and high standard of living.

Thanks to this, tertiary services play an important role in the German economy. Professionals who can offer consultancy, international relations and customer relationship management, or hospitality facilities will be onto a winner in Germany.

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Of all the Eurozone nations, Portugal has arguably felt the effects of the single currency more than anyone. One possible explanation may be the relatively small economy that Europe's westernmost territory operates: unusually for an EU member state, the Portuguese economy continues to place a heavy reliance on its public sector to generate its wealth. At the same time, much of its industry is still rooted in agriculture and fisheries.

One of the results of the aftermath of the banking crisis has been a severe austerity programme that has challenged the country's reliance on the public sector, yet whether these measures have addressed the key problems of unemployment, personal debt, and rising costs of living has been widely questioned.

Buying into a business that is looking to attract domestic consumers may be a challenge at this stage. But, with its long Atlantic coastline, Portugal is a Mecca for European surfers. So if you are looking for a more relaxed pace to balance your entrepreneurial drive, a surf shop on the beach could be your answer.

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The west African republic of Ghana is one of the continents most politically and economically stable countries. Over the past two decades it has pushed for growth: both by modernising its currency, and by opening itself up to free trade. It is a resource-rich nation and, as such, is one of the most attractive prospects in Africa for both short and long-term growth.

Ghana is one of the most advanced producers of green energy on the planet, and is widely regarded as a leader in renewable energy. Despite already generating sufficient hydroelectric energy to meet its domestic needs, the Ghanaian government is on target to generate 100% of its own energy through solar technology within three years.

This situation will make Ghana a net exporter of renewable energy, whilst creating an abundance of new enterprise opportunities within the tertiary economy. Selling green Ghanaian energy to the world will be the perfect work for international relations and marketing managers with an eye on a sustainable future.

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United States

Despite being arguably the underlying cause - as well as the principle victim - of the 2008 banking crisis, the US economy has proved to be surprisingly resilient throughout the recovery. In 2013, it regained its status as the highest valued marketplace on the globe: overtaking Europe thanks to its loose monetary policy and subsequent boost to exports. 

Where the United States has lost out, however, has been in the domestic market. With a rapid increase in unemployment, bankruptcies, and housing foreclosures, the American people do not have the disposable incomes they enjoyed in the twentieth century. Similarly, although there has been no explicit move towards protectionism in US policy, the federal government has imposed a wave of new regulations on businesses. 

Where America excels however, is selling itself to the world: both in a literal sense, and in its promotional capacity. Forging trusted names and identities has always been central to the way the Americans do business, and a new brand management enterprise will always be kept busy.

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