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Successful, Long-Standing Irish Music School In South-Dublin For Sale

Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland
Asking Price:
€250K - €500K Furniture / Fixtures included
€100K - €250K
Net Profit:
€50K - €100K

The profit potential of this music school varies based on the operating model adopted by the new owner. For an owner-operator who also teaches classes, the profit margin can significantly increase, reaching up to the €50,000 to €100,000 region. This approach can allow the owner to save on staffing costs while also directly contributing to the business's income through teaching.

On the other hand, an owner who prefers a managerial role can expect a profit margin under €50,000. However, this scenario isn't fixed. If the owner leverages business acumen and strategic marketing to increase student numbers, the profit margin could potentially double.

Regardless of the approach, this business offers a substantial profit potential. Whether through active teaching or strategic management and expansion, the new owner has the opportunity to significantly increase earnings while continuing to contribute to the vibrant musical culture of the community.

1. Established Reputation: With years of operation, this music school enjoys a well-respected standing in the community and a robust student enrollment.

2. Highly Qualified Staff: The academy is staffed by a team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated teachers, proficient in various musical disciplines.

3. Diverse Curriculum: Our curriculum caters to all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced students, creating a broad base of clientele.

4. Location: Conveniently located, making it accessible for students from a wide geographic area.

5. Financial Performance: The business is profitable with steady income and has substantial growth potential.

6. Equipment and Facilities: The sale includes all necessary teaching equipment, including a range of well-maintained pianos, and a comfortable, inviting learning environment.

7. Customer Loyalty: The school boasts a high student retention rate due to our commitment to quality teaching and student satisfaction.

8. Online Presence: Strong online presence with a well-designed website and active social media profiles, aiding in marketing and student engagement.

9. Future Bookings: The academy has a healthy pipeline of future bookings ensuring steady revenue post-acquisition.

10. Opportunities for Expansion: There is potential for expanding the business by adding more courses or offering additional instruments for learning.

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Property Information

Real Estate:


Lease Terms:

The current lease agreement is on a yearly renewal basis, providing the flexibility and freedom to continue the business without being locked into a long-term lease. As part of the sale, the existing owner will facilitate a seamless transition of the lease agreement to the new owner.

The primary requisites from the landlord's side are to maintain the premises in good condition and foster clear and respectful communication. Should the new owner meet these straightforward conditions, the possibility to continue the lease for an extended duration is highly probable. This setup offers the incoming proprietor an advantageous scenario, wherein they can sustain the business in its well-known location for as long as they desire.

Leasehold Rent:

€11,400 per annum


The music school is strategically located in the affluent area of South Dublin, known for its wealthy demographic. This advantageous position allows the potential to demand higher fees for lessons, thus enhancing the profitability of the business.

Situated in the heart of a South Dublin village, the school is easily accessible and benefits from its proximity to public transportation, restaurants, and shops. This prime location adds to the appeal of the academy and ensures a steady stream of potential clients.

Beyond its physical advantages, the location is also steeped in a strong community spirit. The school has been a central hub for musical mastery for many years, making it a cherished part of the local community. The strong ties to the neighborhood contribute to the school's consistent client base and reputation, ensuring a promising future for the new owner.

Premises Details:

The administrative office and teaching studios are conveniently situated behind a church, a unique arrangement that provides an ambiance rich in cultural heritage and tranquility. The church itself plays a crucial role in the academy's operations, serving as a concert venue for various events and concerts. Its hall can be booked in advance, with the church administration being quite accommodating and flexible in this regard.

The premises are not only secure and safe but also benefit from ample natural light, creating a serene and conducive environment for teaching and learning music. The spacious studios add to the overall charm, making them comfortable spaces for both students and staff.

An added advantage is the presence of an on-site caretaker, who ensures timely management of any emergencies, further bolstering the safety and smooth operations of the school. This unique combination of historical setting, modern amenities, and well-managed facilities provides a compelling selling point for the business.

Business Operation

Expansion Potential:

This music school holds significant potential for expansion beyond its current South Dublin location. Over the years, we've seen students travel from as far as the North side of Dublin, Kilkenny, and even Waterford to attend our classes, showcasing the widespread appeal of our brand.

With additional investment and a robust marketing strategy, there's an enormous opportunity to capitalize on this appeal and broaden our footprint. Potential expansion strategies could include opening satellite branches in other regions, developing franchising opportunities, or introducing remote learning capabilities to reach students beyond geographic constraints.

Thus, this business represents not just an established, profitable enterprise but also a launching pad for ambitious growth plans. The potential for expansion under new ownership is immense, making this a truly unique opportunity in the educational business sector.

Competition / Market:

While there are a few other music schools in the South Dublin area, none pose a significant threat to our well-established business. These smaller, newer operations often grapple with gaining a strong foothold in the competitive landscape, especially in comparison to our academy, which boasts a solid reputation built over two decades.

Throughout our tenure, we've witnessed numerous music schools enter the scene and subsequently depart, a testament to the resilience and strength of our own operations. Our longevity, coupled with the high caliber of our teaching staff and curriculum, sets us apart in the local market, making this a rare and attractive investment opportunity.

Reasons for selling:

After dedicating two decades to nurturing and growing this beloved music academy into a highly distinctive boutique institution, the time has come for a life change. As much as I am passionate about continuing to steer the school's development, the draw of being closer to my family in another country has become paramount. Consequently, I am putting this thriving business up for sale, hoping to find a buyer as committed to music education and community enrichment as I am.

Trading hours:

The Office is reachable remotely 9:00am - 6:00pm Mon- Fri, with in-person operations twice a week: Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm and Thursdays from 12pm-2pm. This setup allows for maximum efficiency in the handling of administrative tasks, while focusing most of the business hours on teaching.

However, the true potential of the business lies in its teaching hours. Lessons are available six days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 9pm. This broad timeframe allows ample opportunities to schedule students and maximize profitability. By fully utilizing these teaching hours, the new owner can significantly increase student enrollments and thus enhance the school's income.

Years established:

Other Information

Support & training:

The transition of ownership will be a smooth process, as the current owner is committed to providing comprehensive support and training during the onboarding phase. The duration of this assistance will be mutually agreed upon to ensure that the new owners are comfortable and well-versed in the operations of the academy.

Post this onboarding phase, the existing owner would remain available as a point of contact. This ongoing support is aimed at addressing any queries or providing guidance as needed, ensuring the new owner's success in running and growing the business. This hand-holding approach underscores our commitment to ensuring the school's continued success and reputation in its next chapter.

Furniture / Fixtures value:
€100,000 - included in the asking price
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